Friday, June 15, 2007



An apple got thrown out of this happy orange tree. Who knows where it came from.

My first Illustration Friday entry :)

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Cute! Love the simple colors and shapes.
Welcome! very fun and love your colours!
I like that I think of the tree dancing when I see this! Maybe the apple was being a jerk...
Cute illo! It's like the tree is spitting the apple out!
Hi welcome to IF, nice start, great way to illo the topic:)
Hey thanks so much! yep, the tree is tossing the orange out - I'm glad it came across. and it's sort of dancing too.
Vert cheerful and bright! Nice use of colours and lovely idea!
why did the apple go out with a fig? because it couldn't find a date!
ha! apples are always looking for love in the wrong places.
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