Sunday, November 20, 2005



I don't know why the pictures on here are suddenly appearing blurry. Is it just me - do I need glasses?

Any ideas? I hope it's just a temporary problem. I'll see if I can fix it.

Update - 11/21/05

It was just my computer after all. I was connecting to the internet with a Sprint EVDO card, and the web accelerator was causing the poor image quality. I was puzzled because it was happening in both my Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

I'll try to save images in gif format whenever I'm not using gradients, so that those of you with web acceleration can still see at least some of my oranges.

hmm, they don't seem blurry to me
Everything looks fine from my end. I use Firefox primarily, but I double-checked it in IE as well and it's a crisp as it's ever been/

For reasons like this, I tend to stay away from web accelerators. My cable connection is plenty fast enough.
Thanks so much for double- and triple checking :) I am so relieved that the pictures are still okay.

Unfortunately it turns out that my Sprint EVDO card doesn't allow the option of turning off the web accelerator. I hope Sprint fixes that soon!
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