Monday, August 15, 2005


Vision Test

Oranges have pretty good vision, despite not having eyes. This chart was seen in a landscape gardener's office.

Since oranges communicate best by rolling, they read the chart by rolling to match whichever picture the gardener points to. Posted by Picasa

hahaha! that is so cuuute! :D ;) =)
I've always wondered why there was an "oranges" section while shopping for glasses.
I fear I am blind. I can not find an rss of your blog. Help me. I am an applecore.
this blog is brilliant. i just found it through blogs by women. i wonder, though, how you feel about orange juice? is that like killing oranges? or is it a happy communion of many oranges?
Those glasses in the "oranges" section are pretty weird-shaped, aren't they!

Mathilde, unfortunately Blogger doesn't offer RSS feeds yet, just Atom XML ones. I hope they offer them soon, though!

I think orange juice is a happy communion of many oranges, haikupoet. Oranges love being squeezed. That's part of why we're so juicy.

Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments!
As many links as you want!
You take pleasure in the most twisted things...

keep it up :)

hey i am fully agree to what all you have written here ..
i am lovin this blog...

This is looking really nice stuff..
Well you win my heart..

i am lovin this blog...
This is a cool stuff
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