Saturday, June 25, 2005



Sorry for the delay in posts; I recently rolled to China and have had difficulty posting to Orangepulp.

Although I found a way to post new entries, I still cannot reach the actual blog to reply to comments. Fortunately, though, I receive a copy of each comment via email and will try to respond individually.

I plan to roll back to the US at the end of August; normal posting will resume by then.

If I encounter other posting problems, I will move Orangepulp temporarily. If you don't see new posts for an extended period in the future, please visit for info.

Nice to have you back! I was getting a bit worried
hello :) and welcome back online!

looking forward more oranges,

Hi Orange,

Hurry up and come back to
North America.We are missing you

We need our "orange quota"to
put some sun in our daily life.

Did you send your article
"Credit Card Comb"to Dave Ramsey yet?

Marie here again.Just wanting to
invite you and all the readers here
to post your blog's URL at my
new page on my site.

Just for some info,

I don't know the particulars of your situation reaching your blog from China, but I would assume it's the same reason most have trouble.

China is well known for blocking access to websites and blogs in particular. I believe that all the known blog hosting domains, ( are blocked in China. I've heard from others that have the same issue when there.

Just wanted to let you know in case you didn't that it's most likely not a problem with Blogger, but with the Chinese powers that be. Google china blogspot blocking and you'll come up with many links.

Great Blog. I like oranges too.
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