Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Moonlit Night

Tonight is such a beautiful fruitnight. Two oranges are sitting together beneath the night sky. The wind flows gracefully around them.

One of the oranges tells the other orange about the constellations visible at the moment. The other orange is impressed. Together, they gaze up at the bright, round stars.

Inspired by Carmina, who asked about what oranges do when they are in love. Posted by Hello

hiii, this is beautiful, really :)

i think that i am starting to fetish the oranges after seeing this image :))
thanks fot your post =P

your blog is so cool! =)
What a lovely post! Your site puts a smile on my face, and I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps it's because orange is my favorite color?
I love oranges in love! :)
I love your work!!
I love the night sky in this one,
I'm a share holder on Bshares :)
hmm here's my requests/ideas
"The Multiplication of Oranges"
what would a painting of oranges look like if it were painted by
Picasso or Monet
Sherilla, I've missed you - I remember when my blog was still new and you were one of the first (if not the first) to visit. I'll remember to send you my love.

Thanks everyone - and I will try to thank you more in future posts. ;)
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