Tuesday, April 26, 2005


In Support of Women, and Vote for Me

Behind this fruity blog is a sweet orange. And behind the sweet orange is a sweet woman.

Orangepulp was nominated on the Blogs by Women blog as the Favorite Arts & Entertainment blog. Check out the other nominees and then vote for me here if you'd like, once every 24 hours. :)

I am writing this not only because I want you to vote for me (although that's a big reason), but also because Blogs by Women is an ultra-cool project that I highly support and want to spread the word about. I encourage all the women who are reading this to add yourselves to their directory for free.

And take the time to read and comment on another blog written by a female today, because females are sweet and often round like oranges. Posted by Hello

I like males too, of course!
This is great I don't know why I have never been through here before.
thanks, good site here,
patty (akablarneybytes)
When I grow old and my teeth fall out, I will replace them with orange peels... :)

Thanks for stopping by my site! :)
I'm becoming more orange-like as the years go by. Or is that pear-like? Hmmm.
Thanks so much!

Jay, oranges salute you too for your valiant contribution. Orange peels will do wonders for your breath, by the way.

Cindy-Lou, you seem very orange-like to me. I think everyone turns into an orange eventually. Some people turn into other fruits, though.
Also, if anyone knows what this picture is alluding to, you win a prize.

Don't post your guesses here because I want to give everyone a chance. :) Email me at orangepulp@orangelabs.org.
I never knew that you were a female orange! I am so pleased to know that!

I have voted for you, of course, I am a fan, and I always smile when I see your art :)
Thanks, Diana!

The little contest is over; Jay and Diana will be getting little prizes from me soon!
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