Friday, April 29, 2005



This orange is hallucinating, for reasons unknown.Posted by Hello

Don't forget to vote for me here today and tomorrow. All the oranges in the world would be very grateful.

That's a beautiful one today, Orange...

I voted for you, and it's a tight race, you're in second place, but by mere inches, 57-51.
these hallucinations look tender :)

i wish i had a dream like this--orange and pink
i voted for you!

plus i'm going to wear orange today =D
This picture is my most favourite so far. I voted for you today and my vote kicked you up a notch over The Carrot Pulp (63 vs 62 in your favor.) I hope that you win.
You got my vote, and I'm surprised it's so close. it should be an orangeslide!!! LOL
Thanks so much, everyone, for all your help and support! Orangepulp won by just a couple of votes!
Trippy post! That would make a great iTunes visualization module!

I was going to go of to vote, but it looks like you've won Congrats!
Man, I am always a little too late to the party. Was just going to vote for you, but well done on your victory! Are you going to Disney World? :)
We owned 40 acres of satsuma mandarins for 15 years and just sold it all last fall. Love your artwork!!!
Oohh... :) I just tried checking out the link from my friend's blog and I really like the cute art! Hope you don't mind, I added you to my links! :) Keep 'em coming! :) They're nice, refreshing stuff!
Thanks!! For oranges the dream vacation spot is actually one of the groves next to Disneyworld, so maybe I'll take a trip there.
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