Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Field of Oranges

We are gazing out at an endless field of oranges. A sunny breeze blows through the grasses, and the oranges shiver a little.

Here in paradise, the oranges are easy to pick. Everyone loves them, and everyone is completely satisfied. Posted by Hello

This is pretty awesome. Go you.
I enjoy your orange art. Too bad I can't eat them. I read that oranges can worsen the symptoms of osteoarthritis, which I think I am starting to have.
how come no navel oranges?
Golfwidow, thanks! This one took me forever and ever. I drew and shaded each orange individually, which is why none of them overlap.

Talking Mute, I'll see if I can send some inedible oranges to say hi to you. They won't mind if you can't eat them.

Tracy, one day you will discover this field, so bring a backpack wherever you go.

Deryke, navel oranges are a little shy, just like how people with "outie" belly buttons are a little shy. Your comment is great because it encourages those navel oranges to come out.
I like the others too, but this one is really striking to me. it's got this dreamy rousseau like feel. nice job.
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