Monday, March 07, 2005


Website buttons

Here are a few buttons that you can use for your websites or blogs. Feel free to use them however you want - it does not matter whether or not you link to this blog, and you do not have to credit me. They are a present for you.

Because of Sarah's suggestion, I've added text to the last button. Here's the edit:

LMAO - very funny site :) Thanks for stopping by mine! :)
I came across your sight on my sleepless travels.... it's got character....

I'd pick the bottom last banner icon thingy if i had to rate them....
all it's missing is some words

got one of my own

Come visit some time
Thanks, guys; Sarah, look at the post again, because I left something squishy for you.
That is such a cute button! On all levels! :D
Squishy level and oranges squishy juice inside level....
lol, I know... I'm silly

Please come leave me the logo on my blog, so I can always find it!
I'd like to keep it and exchange blog links / blog logos too (if you'd like)........

See you on the flipside,
I came for another visit... surprised to see very little change ;)

the squishy orange is very adorable still and makes me smile

well... time to venture off to other tasks....
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