Thursday, March 31, 2005


Please Eat Us

For an orange, being prepared gracefully by a gourmet chef is the highest compliment.

The oranges in this picture were so anxious to be served in a gourmet meal that they took the initiative to attend culinary school. Now they all have bachelor's or associate's degrees in the culinary arts. They have yet to be eaten, though.

Inspired by a wonderful chef named Melissa. Posted by Hello

beavers like to be eaten tooo.... LOL
You are weird, but it's not a bad thing.
I have always wanted to eat an educated orange. Perhaps there is still hope..
PErsonally, I've always wanted to eat a Hindu cow. :-D
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I'll eat any orange.
They are beautiful and happy, just the way I like them :) Thanks for sharing your art with Us!
Lovely! I assume the orange standing in front is the head chef?
Educated ... and high in Vitamin C and Potassium
Very nutritious - and smart.
The Captain likes oranges.

- Justicular, the Keeper of the Captain’s Domain
Just hang around gourmet chefs, happyandblue2, and you'll find educated oranges rolling around.

You're welcome, Melissa! :)

Tracy, the one in front is the bravest, most anxious-to-be-eaten head chef. She is so sweet!

To everyone else: oranges love you, so remember to eat them.
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