Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Partly Fruity, with a Chance of Pulp

Life is wonderful when the weather forecast is filled with sweet, round oranges. Posted by Hello

thx for droppin by..
wow.. u reali loves orange dun u..
v creative n refreshin blog.. =)
So typical; it may be a citrus based weather map but just like on the weather channel there's no data for Maine, where we need it most...
My apologies - I left out not only Maine but most of the eastern United States. I got stuck while trying to make snowflakes look like oranges, and I gave up.

I live in a forgotten state too: in Rhode Island, most of the "local" weather is for Massachusetts. I'll try and make it up to all the Maine fruits out there sometime soon.
Hello from Massachusetts... you are more than welcome to our 2005 weather! Thanks to our orange host for permission to link to this picture from my blog. I've done so from this post.
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