Sunday, March 13, 2005


Parachutes Full of Fruit

Some countries do not have oranges. Because it is a pity that these poor countries are orangeless, brave oranges will parachute into these countries, live in the woods, and eventually spread their seeds. Posted by Hello

This is just the latest of some great pulpy pictures. Is it ok to use your images in my own blog, if I attribute? If so, is it ok to link to the images where they are?
Thanks for the fruit and the fun!
Ah... why dont you parachute some of your fruits into my realm?
Andrew, sure, no problem :) I'm so glad that you can see how pulpy the oranges really are, from the pictures.

roachz, I'll try!
Oranges rule. Orange is the greatest color and the greatest fruit. w00t. thanks for commenting on my blog. love the orange parachute thing.
Waahhhhh.. I am so flooded! thanks! Now I will have plenty to eat.
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