Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Orangepulp toy #2: Missing Oranges

"Missing Oranges" is the second in the series of Orangepulp toys.

Several days ago, a man named Jay realized that he was missing 3 oranges. He asked everyone, "It's 9:19pm, do you KNOW where your oranges are!?!?!"

Since this issue is so important to our society, I have created this public service announcement for all. You can generate your own one at http://orangepulp.orangelabs.org/missing_oranges.html, complete with the actual time (I'm assuming in my time zone) and a random set of oranges. Posted by Hello

juicy idea :) i am curious, orange :)
Ok, after my brief stay at your blog, I've come to the conclusion that it's frickin' exquisite! I love love love the artwork!! What a great discovery! And thanks for your comment on my own humble little blog :)
great thing! I published my personal version on our blog :-) Greetings, Philippe
I find your blog really weird... different from the others... then again, maybe I'm just comparing apples to oranges...
A very interesting site, sight, and insight:)
I'm horribly confused, but intrigued nonetheless.
It's good to see yet another orangeobsessed person.

Do you like orange-flavoured things? I must acknowledge that orange-flavoured things are one of the few orang things that I loathe.

Thanks, friends and fruits :)

Dan, I'm horribly confused too, so don't worry about it.

Rantz, I must say that I have a hard time tasting the orangeness in orange-flavored things. I think my own orangeness just overpowers those artifical flavors too much.
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