Friday, March 25, 2005


Gift Wrap for Produce

Most department stores offer free gift wrapping for your gift purchases. But if you go to a supermarket's customer service desk and ask them to gift wrap your fresh oranges, most will turn you away.

If there is a supermarket owner out there who wants to begin offering free gift wrap for their items, I have created this neutral fruit pattern that would be great for fruity produce. Posted by Hello

Looks nice.. and orange. lol
Cool wrapping paper.
Cool blog. Orangy and cool. Like an orange smoothy.
Now i wonder how come no one thought about this before.

Hmm. No, wait. I know why.

Good blog you got here really.

just wanted to say that I find this most interesting that someone has dedicated their life to not just fruit but one particular fruit.

When I read this story - Man flashes passersby with toy fruit I thought of you. It may not be an orange but imagine if he added a couple of oranges? Now, that would have really been something.
Miss Daze, I loved that story, thank you!
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