Saturday, February 26, 2005



The cover for a self-help book for oranges who are seeking gender advice. Posted by Hello

I love your oranges, your art. I like to draw but I never quite found the outlet like you have. Your drawings are honest and beautiful. Thanks for reading and commenting, it meant the world.
girl soda: Thanks :) I think anyone can make art in one way or another. My strength happens to be at drawing oranges at the computer...but you might be surprised to learn that I always used to get low grades in art class, and that I even avoided art classes completely when I was in college.

I love your site. It is beautiful and it makes me laugh.

I have been a fan of yours for years. You have kept me from getting sick, and you smell great.

You havent posted for quite some time, I hope to see something new soon. Please don't feel bad for doing poorly in art classes, you should be proud just to be an orange attending college!

Dear Sweet,Juicy Orange,

I love your Orange Art.
Keep up the good orangy work.

You said that you were not good
in art classes, so was I.Does it
mean that there is hope for me
to learn a drawing program(software)
and be able to do something as
cute as you do?

Maria, the post "Dreaming in Blue and White Fruits" is for you. It took me awhile to respond, but I remember and think about every comment so much.
Athena, I love you too :)
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