Saturday, May 07, 2005


Gift to the Past

These oranges from the future are on their way to the Time Traveler Convention. Hoping to meet oranges and other fruits from the present, they will be rolling around using advanced hyper-roll technology.

As a gift to the past, they carry the seeds of extra-sweet varieties of orange trees from the future, trees that will one day grow them. Posted by Hello

This is a great blog, a good idea well executed.
I'll have to say, it is certainly a very intresting idea for a blog.

Good luck with the time-traveling orange :p
Ooohh, this reminds me of Doctor Who!
I like the picture. The time tunnel looks like it's made of chocolate..
I hear that the orange in the foreground got eaten by the Doctor during its travels this past week! Amazing.
Thanks guys!
Hmm, oranges and chocolate...I'll think about that.
I like this one! It is very groovy, and the background does look like chocolate! ;)
Hahaha, great idea!

What if the seeds of these oranges going back in time were planted and the tree thatgrew from these seeds gave birth to these very oranges in the present? :o
You take pleasure in the most twisted things...

keep it up :)

hey i am fully agree to what all you have written here ..
i am lovin this blog...

This is looking really nice stuff..
Well you win my heart..

i am lovin this blog...
This is a cool stuff
Love your blog. I happened to find your site when I was writing about Oranges.

Feel free stop by my blog.
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